The Fall of JJPTR


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JJPTR has fallen!

A few months ago, we wrote an article to highlight potential issues with JJPTR that points to the possibility of it being a Forex ponzi scheme. On 20th April 2017, investors of JJPTR suddenly found that they could not log into their accounts or contact JJPTR staff and upon visiting the JJPTR offices, found them shuttered.

After a few days of silence, the founder of JJPTR Johnson Lee finally spoke up. Read on to find out what he said, what we think and what we recommend investors of JJPTR to do.

Disclaimer – Alpha Play does not want to judge other businesses, but we will present some observations and facts for our readers to make their own conclusion.

What Is JJPTR?

JJPTR stands for 解救普通人 (Saving the Ordinary People). It is a Forex investment company based in Malaysia. Founded by self-professed Forex trading guru Johnson Lee, it claims of a noble mission to help ordinary people make a passive income through Forex trading.

Basically, an investor simply has to open an account with JJPTR, deposit some cash into their designated bank account and every month he will make a returns of 20% on his invested capital.

The Problem With JJPTR

As we are Forex educators, many of our readers wrote in to ask us what we thought about JJPTR. In reply, we wrote an article here which listed our observations and concerns about the company. Among a long list of concerns, the most alarming will be that of several countries naming JJPTR on their respective Investors’ Alert Watchlists. Philippines’s Security and Exchange Commissions even went as far as to warn the public not to get involved with JJPTR or recommend it to friends and family or risk getting jailed.

The Fateful Day $500 Million Ringgit Was Lost

On 20th April 2017, JJPTR investors suddenly found themselves unable to log into their accounts. Their emails and phone calls to JJPT staff went unanswered and upon visiting the JJPTR offices, found them shuttered.

Then after a few days of silence, the founder of JJPTR Johnson Lee finally spoke up.

Johnson claimed that JJPTR’s trading account was hacked into and the perpetrator lost all their money in the space of a few hours, while his traders were supposed to be on duty but happened to be sleeping!

He apologized for the problem and claimed that he was silent for a few days as he was trying hard to ‘resolve’ the ‘problem’. He also begged the JJPTR members to rally behind him during this very difficult period and to not call the police as it may result in the other JJPTR accounts being frozen by the authorities.

In case you are wondering, the amount we are talking about is 500 million ringgit or US$110 million.

Let’s examine his claims below. But before that, watch a video of the aforesaid ‘losses’.

Examining Johnson Lee's Claims

Our first question is why? What is the motivation behind this ‘hack’?

To deduce the motivation we have to work backwards from the aftermath – that 500 million ringgit from JJPTR’s trading account was lost, not through theft, but through trading.

The reason why the money could not be stolen directly is because money in a brokerage firm can only be transferred out to a bank account of the same person / company that registered with the broker in the first place.

So the money was lost through trading, according to Johnson Lee and as exhibited by the video above. Essentially he is saying that somebody took the trouble to hack into his trading account and in the space of a few hours lose 500 million Ringgit.

His reason? Somebody hates him and JJPTR so much that they want him to fail and was willing to risk a long jail term by hacking into JJPTR’s trading account, lose a cool 500 million Ringgit and not get anything out of it.

Interesting. Let’s go over this once again.

Somebody hacked into JJPTR’s trading account not to steal $500 million Ringgit but to lose it all through trading. Presumably because somebody hates him and JJPTR so much.

There a few major loopholes with these claims.

#1 – We are talking about 500 million Ringgit, not 500. If somebody can be bothered to take the trouble to hack into JJPTR’s trading account, we believe that the main motivation would be to get the money and not because they hate Johnson Lee and JJPTR so much.

#2 – As seen from the video, the ‘hacker’ literally lost at every single trade. Think of it this way. This fella must be a genius! In Forex, if you are not thinking and you simply set random trades, you stand a 50% chance of the trade going either way because there are really only 2 directions your trade can go. Which mean that you stand as much of a chance to win a trade as well as lose one. It is just not logical and possible that he loses every single trade without having any being floating winning trades!

#3 – Again, we are talking about 500 million Ringgit, not 500. It is a hell lot of money to move about within a few hours! We would love to know which broker can provide that kind of liquidity. Now let’s assume that JJPTR is using some high level broker not commonly known to the retail traders because of the sheer amount JJPTR is trading. In that case, is it not fishy that this high level broker doesn’t flag out the chain of suspicious trades that the hacker was taking? Conversely, if JJPTR is using a common retail broker, there is no way it can provide that kind of liquidity!

What We Think

We consider the possibility that JJPTR may have been a Forex ponzi scheme from the very beginning of its inception. That means – a company that is structured to look like it is generating income through Forex trading, but is really just using money from investors who come in later to pay off investors who come in earlier. Once the investors stop coming in, the game ends.

If JJPTR is indeed a ponzi scheme, we believe that it was very well designed based on several points.

Johnson Lee always appears in in JJPTR events and behaves in a very friendly manner to all JJPTR members. He builds up this relationship with JJPTR investors so that they cannot find it in them to persecute him when he stabs them in the back. After all, how can this nice, friendly person be a con artist? Well, many ponzi schemes have charismatic leaders whose members refuse to believe are scammers. Many victims even continue to defend them long after the law has persecuted these scums of the earth. Such is the power of mind control!

True Case Study – A very famous ponzi scheme disguised as a Baccarat investment company called Sure Win 4 U had a very flamboyant founder who not only dared to show his face, spoke well and was even a Dato (a traditional Malay honorific title conferred by the Malaysian government)! 

It takes very little to begin investing with JJPTR. In fact, we believe that this is one of JJPTR’s clever strategies to get in the numbers (more people can invest) and so that investors will not feel the pinch when their money is lost.

Food For Thought – A lot of ponzi schemes bait people to join by setting a very low investment quantum. They do this to make investors feel that it is a very small sum to lose and that if the company is a scam job then it would be asking for more. Incidentally, the really legit investment firms are the ones which ask for much higher investment quantum! After all, the average person who is usually a con artist’s key target market usually will not have a lot to invest. A second way ponzi schemes bait suckers is by giving them a commission for introducing friends to invest. This was precisely how Aureus Capital and Maxim Trader operated.

There are a few kinds of Forex ponzi schemes that have swiped away billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors.

  1. The unsophisticated Forex ponzi scheme that simply asks investors to park their money with the company. Once it is time to go, the operators simply disappear.
  2. The more sophisticated Forex ponzi scheme that sets up a phony brokerage firm and pretends that it is an independent establishment – just so that it can convince investors that their money is ‘safe’ with a broker and the operators cannot simply disappear with the money. Well guess what? The broker belongs to the scammers too! Example – Maxim Trader. You may not believe it, but a brokerage firm can be set up easily using the services of this company. Also, MT4 trading records can be changed easily if you own the brokerage firm!
  3. The even more sophisticated Forex ponzi scheme that throws lavish parties and hires celebrities to desensitize the investors. After all, how can such a powerful company be scammers right? Well, guess who is paying for all these?
  4. Does it not seem strange that Johnson Lee is begging people not to go to the police when somebody had committed a crime and hacked into the trading accounts? Shouldn’t he be going to the police himself so that whoever the perpetrator is can be tracked down?

Why Is Johnson Lee Not Running Away If He Is Guilty?

These are a few possibilities.

  • He wants to see how far he can string people along and convince them not to make police reports. Without police reports, the police will not take action and he will get away scot-free with a cool 500 million Ringgit!
  • There may be an opportunity for him to do a Part Two! He is now asking for members to rally behind him and to support JJPTR in this time of trouble so that JJPTR can make a comeback. That can only mean investing some more money into JJPTR so that he can trade for everybody again. Already there are many members online pledging to do so for their beloved ‘boss’ Johnson Lee!
  • There is also the possibility that there will be a plot twist where he claims later that the money have been recovered in order to gain even more confidence with existing JJPTR members and people contemplating to join JJPTR. Pulling off such a stunt will almost certainly cause an influx of new participants!

This Is What JJPTR Investors Can Do

We suggest that JJPTR investors demand the following from Johnson.

  1. Ask Johnson Lee to reveal which brokerage firm JJPTR is registered with. Check online to see if this broker is registered with any reputable security exchange. If not, question Johnson why this broker was used in the first place (because there is a high possibility that the broker was set up by JJPTR in the first place if it is unheard of).
  2. Assuming JJPTR can prove that it is using a broker and that you are satisfied that this is a bonafide and reputable broker, demand that Johnson logs into the broker’s account directly through the broker’s website (not through the MT4 trading platform because it can be faked!) and ask to see the trading records. If it is a bonafide broker, the trading records results can usually be seen here. Don’t settle for a printout or screen capture because those can be easily faked!
  3. If JJPTR declines either of these requests, we highly recommend that you make a police report wherever you are. Johnson Lee is trying to dissuade you from making a report by saying that the authorities will likely freeze all the accounts and it will prevent him from being able to use the remaining funds to rebuild the company again. Well, if his claims are genuine, he should not be afraid to divulge which broker JJPTR is using and to show you the trading records from within the broker’s website. And if he is afraid to do so, you should consider reporting JJPTR because the authorities will only take action if people start reporting!

In Conclusion

After sharing all the above, we prefer that you make your own judgment on whether JJPTR is a scam or not. Our thoughts are that we should not assume something is not a con job just because it is a registered business entity, the founder dares to show his face or speaks well, it holds expensive gala events and it doesn’t set a high minimum investment criteria.

Good luck to all the JJPTR victims and we hope that you make the right decision!

JJPTR new plans

A new article predicting JJPTR’s upcoming plans have been written! Click on the picture above and share with us your own ideas!


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    • I hate all scammers who cheat people out of their hard earned money. I am only pointing out the facts that have presented themselves so far. Whether JJPTR is a scam and worthy of hate, as the reader you make the call.

      • 20% monthly return on investment? Banks do not need to loan money, Entrepreneurs like Ma Yun and Warren Buffett do not need to invest, might as well pour all money in JJPTR.

        At end day, Greedy and lazy people deserved to be scammed.

        • Greedy but LAZY, to earn money without working for it.. that is the very reason behind the “success” of scams like JJPTR in the first place. Wake up people… time to work hard, stop being fooled.. and stop fooling others.

    • I’m a stock and property investor for years.Last year I heard about this crap JJPTR claimant of high return 20-40% of your investment I immediately laugh and for a second..Gosh…a lot gonna get trapped into this as it looks like a Ponzi scheme! where you operate by taking 2nd & following investors money to pay up for the 1st load of investors for illusion and getting confidence of the first intial load of investors.In a psychological way,people reaction are normal to react and spread around good news of getting first high returns then will follow by other investors.Then came another scam publicity that the company are investing another film projects and other big projects and then the guy will appear more on internet to give more confidence to people for more investment from their money. You see…When trade stocks..there are only two options..either you buy ‘up’ or ‘down’..and no one can tell you in next minute,15minute,1 hour or 24hrs that the stock will go up or down.If you are to believe that it is so easy to make money..why had to go and operate or get the public investment just to stated that we want to make you rich?only a fool can beleve that.If already can make tons of easy money why had to travel and open all illusion branches?why?is because there are still a lot greedy stonehenge stupid people and honestly they deserved a lesson.What is going on now is..the guy is not running away and not reporting to police as he claimed account had been hacked off 500mil..why he don’t bother of report to authority?because it will be investigated thoroughly and BNM(Bank Negara) will act on freezing this account as other international countried like philipine and singapore had raised red flag meaning ‘Fraud’ …so to those who had invested…hopefully you learned a good lesson.there is another scam will tell you as yo know already..don’t report to police so the account will be alive..then please invest more as he had another better formula for you….Wake up!!! there are no free your way to earn your money instead of being fooled by own greediness..I earn hundreds of dollars through Forex trading daily and yet I advised all my friends to be cautious in forex trading..JJPTR are a truly scam and going for a bigger one and yet I heard most Penangites are still eager and hope for it..Good lord…you are about to learn a deeper lesson!

    • You are welcome to invest more money better still mortgage your house, loan from along to make more money, what the hack ahlong don’t even earn such a return

    • The observations here are merely based on facts and events. Try disputing them intelligently if you genuinely want to engage in a decent discussion.

      • One thing you failed to mention is that JJPTR has created an impact to the productivity and economy of the north. People from all walks of life are members of JJPTR and even the clerks don’t want to work anymore and just rely on the income from JJPTR. This is a big impact to the small business in that area, so it is not impossible that this owners of the small business would want jjptr to fall. Think about that and not all the scamming that you are mentioning in this article.. it is so one-sided.

        • I think your perspective on life is seriously warped. If nobody wants to work what is the point of having a lot of money? Can you even buy anything anymore? Can you go to restaurants to enjoy good food or go shopping? The restaurants will be closed because chefs and waiters don’t need to work and the shopping malls will be shuttered because nobody needs to run a business anymore! From an economic perspective, if everybody has a lot of money, then money will be meaningless, and supply and demand will cease to work because since everybody can afford everything, the only way price can go is up up and up! This is called hyperinflation. You are just lamenting because you were hoping JJPTR was your ticket to financial freedom and you will never have to work anymore. You have to wake up and face reality. Which successful person in this world got rich without first working very hard? Name one! Moreover, there are already many facts presented that suggests JJPTR may be nothing more than a scam. You need to understand that with every cent that enters your pocket, a down line is donating it to you. That is the nature of a ponzi scheme. Yes, if you are on top of the pyramid, you get to benefit, but what if you are at the bottom?

          • Well said. Those who want to earn easy money and no work for the rest of their life is the mindset of the greeds and ignorance. (They usually being 95% of the Poor category) who daydreaming driving a sports car and enjoy life without putting any hard efforts. What a shame. Unless you drop such habit and mindsets, fortune will never come to you. Keep up the good work Aldric! I always wanted to wake ppls up from their fake dreams, but i am too busy to write. P.s : I HATE SCAMMERS TO THE CORE!

          • Nicely said! Such simple reasoning to rebut the claim that jjptr has created an impact on the productivity and economy! If no one is working, money is useless. It can’t be more succinct than that!

          • You did not get my point. You are so one-sided. The people behind the businesses that were affected due to people not work could be behind the downfall of JJPTR, because if JJPTR falls their business will flourish again, they are the ones who will benefit from it. I hope this is clear.

          • Perhaps you should consider the possibility that if JJPTR is indeed a scam, it is the one which has brought about its own downfall. But I know we will never agree because we look at things very differently.

          • Why did you even bother to reply Lex Rosario? Never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty, besides, the pig likes it.
            It doesn’t take a genius to figure out JJPTR is nothing more than just a scam. Chances are, Johnson would most probably get away with it. Search Ranson Chi, Gavin Chew, they’re the earlier batch who does similar ponzi scheme that has scammed shit load of money targeting KL ppl, they got away with their crimes, shut down the company and created a new one, enjoying rich spoilt kid’s life and still at large. Malaysian authorities are as weak as a 4th stage cancer patient.

          • Hi, I know I may be wasting my time. But I hope to appeal to Lex’s conscience and make him realize that the society needs to be productive in order to function properly. I know that a lot of people purposely join ponzi schemes at very early stages as they know that there is a high chance they can make a lot of money from their down lines. They are well aware that they are enriching themselves at the expense of others. So this is not just about educating the uninformed not to fall into money scams, but also about appealing to people’s moralities to not be manipulative. Do you agree?

    • the writer is literally slamming facts on your face, and I think you’ve invested your money in JJPTR therefore thinking others who opposed to such scam scheme are those who are biased and responsible for the fall of JJPTR.

    • Sure, keep fooling yourself into thinking that your dear Johnson Lee didn’t plan this from the start to scam from gullible folks like you, I’m sure he’ll be grateful for that thinking of yours as it’ll make his scamming techniques way easier! It’s so funny to see greedy and lazy people easily falling for completely obvious tricks, do you really think it’s that easy to get rich so fast? Good gracious!

  1. True enough, this article describes forex like an experienced trader.
    I even told my friends even though JJPTR doesnt even shows his track record and his equity curve.(not just a few trades from Mt4 acc). No linking to myfxbook to show his forex performance.
    Another suspicious thing is that JJPTR doesnt have any indicators proven from backtesting or any historical data from his trades. He only describes a simple martingale system which i highly doubt he does know the danger or apply in his forex invesment.

    Either a genuine forex trader or even a smarter forex ‘con artist’ will show its historical performance that the accounts he is managing. I doubt most people even knows what statement should a forex trader provide if he wants to publicly crowd funding for his forex investment.

    At least from this incident, it shows that you dont need much evidence to show you are good forex trader, as long as you have a good smile, friendly and smart looking, you might able** to scam others by just providing insane returns to the public while shouting the slogan of helping poor people to rich.

    And, you got a good point, just by buying and selling randomly for the pairs NZDJPY and USDCAD, he can lose 458 millions? That is just absurd. I can even let a monkey by randomly trading and pressing buttons, there will be at least a trade will show profits. Total bs. If there’s one could manage to lose continuous, I believe fund managers will be searching for that guy, reverse every trade he made and earns millions from it.

    Gosh, people are so careless when handling such investments while so stringent when comparing prices for handphones, food etc.

    • Thanks for your comment Daniel. I totally agree with you. Ponzi schemes usually target the ill-informed who will not ask difficult questions and just want somebody to make money on their behalf. All in all, I must say that JJPTR was designed very well, to the point that many of the ‘investors’ are still speaking up for the founder and the company.

    • Daniel: Gosh, people are so careless when handling such investments while so stringent when comparing prices for handphones, food etc.

      This is GOLD!

  2. Great work, Aldric Chang. Keep it up!!
    We need people like you but I wish to highlight something here:

    1) It is definitely a scam because it is impossible for forex trading to yield such a return.

    2) I am afraid these victims will not understand the procedures of getting those evidence tbrough the broker. Johnson can easily come up with some technicality issues to camourflage the whole procedure.

    3) Since the whole issue is brought to yesterday’s Malaysia Chinese Newspaper, I think Johnson will do one of these 3:

    A) He will pay a Malaysia “government – related” VIP to join him as a partner to continue and he will be a free man.
    B) He will say later that they managed to find the “hacker” and in tbe midst of negotiation to recover the money, partially has been returned but the amount is too small and unfair to pay back some and not everyone so while working and waiting to get back the reminder, they ask members to continue the business. There will be sure to be some “leaders” who are making money coming out to speak for him and encourage the other investors to believe them further.
    3) If both the above or their combinations fail, Johnson will run away. I guess he has his U. S. citizenship since he was born there. In fact, I guess he already left now.

  3. 20% every month , jjptr can become warren buffett sifu already.

    Unbelievable a lot of people still believe in this kind of shit.

    • Well, we can only do our best to educate. I hope that the victims will do the right thing and make police reports. In unity there’s strength. If money keeps getting sucked out of the common folks eventually it is the country’s economy that suffers and subsequently the citizens, while the scammers are enjoying the high life!

  4. actually you can see that the forex trade account is a practice account…
    you see the video they shoot … when he swipe until the end ..
    it’s does show withdraw and deposit … both also 0.00 (prove that this is a practice account)

    • Hi, it is usually hard to say if a broker is out to scam people unless they’ve exhibited some form of dishonesty already. However, with regards to binary options, our advice is not to get involved. It is at best a form of gambling as it involves taking a bet where a currency pair or stock would go within a certain time limit. It is almost impossible to work in any sort of fundamentals or technicals due to the short time frame involved. Also, binary options brokers are notorious for rigging results, so … trade binary options at your own risk.

  5. Some sayings to reflect on:
    “A fool and his money is soon parted” – Thomas Tusser
    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – Sir Winston Churchill

  6. Only idiots would still side JJPTR and hold hopes for all these scams despite reading a well-informed article…
    seriously, being hacked for rm500 million…and earning returns even better than warren buffet 🙂
    *Greed truly blinds*

  7. The matter of fact is that many who already suspected JJPTR being some sort of a scam continued to invest into it and even promoted it hoping that they could make a positive return before the company collapse. As long as greed is there and moral values are not upheld, Ponzi schemes will mushroom with tons of willing/uninformed people. There’s only so much law enforcer could do, and by then it’s already too late.

  8. let me teach u guys some main point .. yes the article was right , the mistake was the broker itself . this broker could be a fake broker or trader call it dealing desk broker . whether or not that idiot johnson knew about this from the 1st place is another question . for that idiot to choose this broker is a mystery , maybe this broker related to him . so basically what happen is . if this is a dealing desk broker , they dont put order to the main forex trading . if client win , they use own money to pay , if client lose they eat the deposit . jjptr could be a scam all along but not sure whether that idiot johnson knew about it , he could be a puppet . i am pretty sure the broker is the one that ” hack ” his trading … by the way , have you all see the mt4 of this broker ? looks fake as hell if you are a forex trader you will know this . only an idiot will join a broker like this . so for that idiot johnson to join , i am sure that broker related to him somehow . so they have been using , new investor money to repay old investor , and since this is a fake broker . he needs to run , cause he is using his own money to pay . for those of you who dont know what happened ,i checked the mt4 statement . the robot he uses is called martingle bot . this bot is a martingle bot who doesnt lose if capital is high . based on the statement , someone manually killed the account . a fake broker hard to cheat the account statement . so have to manually do a fake show . is easy to do this , just buy max lot for a trade non stop. it will burns cause of the margin . i am sure is done by the broker . not hacker =,= . either this johnson is dumb , or he is covering up the whole situation for relative or something related to the broker . and yes gullible people , u have been SCAMMED . only know how to greed but have 0 knowledge of anything . but if this is a fake broker , it only earn from the deposit , doesnt earn from profit , that could explain why they need to burst the account . cause they are done paying people . what ever deposit left is what they scammed from the people .

  9. Hi Aldric, nice article you’ve written there.
    Today is already 25th April, let’s save some time for everyone. The brokerage firm is
    Isn’t it obvious? They’re the broker, the money does not go to financial institution, non ECN. So JJ who are you trading with, yourself? lol. This alone make it a 100% ponzi scheme.

  10. To those who concert, opps, its concern…..hehe.

    Hmmm. J and his partners all seems like a Enlighten fellows. They are so calm in react to such huge amount of money lost.
    I wonder why. At the same time, questions flow through my head. My questions may be bias,skeptical and dogmatic, but there will be logic,truth and fact in it. Keep reading if you wish, but i reply to no one. Yes,shoot me all you can, but words cannot hurt me. A knife will.

    1. So, a pro trader like JJ put all their invested money in a Basket under one single account? This doesnt buy me any sense, because even a Squirrel knows how to split and hide their nuts to prevent TOTAL loss. But a Almighty Smart J make such mistakes? Hmmm……

    2. From a Human perspective- you and your whole group of investors had just loss a HUGE SUM OF MONEY. How can you remain so calm with this Hacking issues? Its a huge losses to bear. Any person who lose money to thief/robber/hacker will feel 1000% ANGER and will immediately report to police, authorize personal, security, lawyer,detective (whoever that have the right skills to solve the problem). But you persuade the community not to file any report. Where is the human sentiment here? You are so kind to donate all your hard earn money back to the market. No wonder world economy suddenly gets better! Salute! Hmmm……

    3. It seems to me that the 500 that being hacked WASNT ALL the money you guys had. You must have MORE BACK UP FUND, or Your money wasnt being Hacked at all. So, no big deal, its just a 500 (shown in a MT4, not Cash) remember Batman 2 (The Dark Knight) where Joker robbeb the Mob Bank? See how those Gangsters react when they knew their money was stolen? Well, to me, it seems like J’s money is somewhere else. Hmmm……

    4. Despite of showing us your recently hacked LOSING TRADES (records/history), why not show us some of your previous WINNING TRADES records? This can help to convince others from saying you run a pyramid scheme. You got what i mean right? (No charge for the tips, you are welcome 😉 ) What say you? Fair enough? Hmmm……

    5. With that being said, if you can prove your losses Through your broker’s account, from brokers web/platform, NOT MT4(MT4 can be FAKED), it may then be more convincing. You still owed your investors some SOLID answers, so its no harm to show them. You have been a honest man for such a long time, dont let this issue burn down your hard earn pretty image. Unless you have fake it all this time, uh-oh……well…not my problem. Hmmm……

    6. Well,well,well……A NEW AND GREATER PLAN for all our existing and new members?! Awesome! Lets make more money this time, yeah!!! Go J!
    WAIT! Wait a minute……a what? A new plan? What new plan? Why do we need a NEW plan? We investors DO NOT NEED A NEW PLAN! The old plan works just fine! We are all receiving our bonus every month. Just stick with the old system. We are ok with it.

    The current Plan got problem? Really? If the plan got problem, why do you still use it for years? Why change it now? If it really got problem, how do you able to generate so much money? Pls remember to tell us your old plan when your new plan comes out. You wouldnt need it anymore right? Sharing is caring you know,we want to be successful just like you. XD

    So,your account had being hacked, loss all your money, you wouldnt bother to find the hacker,solve it using any legal actions,give proper answers to media and etc. Yet you are, busy planning to RISE ONCE AGAIN by using a NEW PLAN! Oh, how fantastic! What an entreprenuer you are.

    So what is the REAL problem now handsome? You aint behaving very honest you know? or are you hiding some secret that no one can know? I know what is behind that mask.
    You are trying to make fool to those who still believe in you? Please dont do that. Faith is a double edge sword. It can either give you a lift, or it can put you down quicker than you thought.

    Anyway, im just talking to myself. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

  11. Dear Aldric,

    “If no one is working, money is useless!”. I believe this will be your legendary quotes one day. Thanks for practicing the part as citizen to educate others by sharing your knowledge. We need more people like you to spread the facts and true information.

    Nowadays the greatest challenge over digital platform is identifying the true/fake. Even Facebook and Google also working hard to counter fake news, and yet they are not close to perfection in counter it.

    Again, thanks!

  12. Thanks for writing this out ! unfortunately there are still many shits like this out there impacting real productivity & economy currently!

  13. Got a simply rule in spotting possible scammy scheme. When they start saying GUARANTEED XX% Monthly ROI for stocks, forex and commodity trading. Start digging deep and research. No such thing.

  14. You claim to be a forex educator but you dont even know what you see in the video on their MT4.

    For a start you got their losses wrong.
    Secondly this article is very biased. Many facts were skewed or left out to your benefit.

    To me you have no credibility

    • By enter trade and exit trade could resulted as the MT4 shown in video as spread was charged. The Author may have interprete the situation a bit wrong, but this doesnt mean the rest of his ideas was without truth and facts. Everyone made mistakes. JJ make more mistakes and was the one who swallowed 500m, while Aldric was here to put awareness. What kind of benefits can he rip from us? From some reason, real pro trader wont show their face to public like JJ. Why all the trouble trade for everyone while you can earn 100% profit for yourself? Only scammer need to go out to convince/cheat others money.We trade, not Bet.

  15. Thank you Aldric Chang for shedding light =)

    To be honest, I personally feel that there are still many Malaysians out there do not understand the concept of a bad business such as this. JJPTR is not the first I have seen, throughout my life I have friends and family introducing me other ponzi/pyramid scheme businesses such as Qnet, World Venture and etc. I personally am a victim to one now, half of my family are so drawn into it, believing on how filthy rich it can make them. They told me the company invests their money to make more money, i ask them how they don’t know how to explain and just told me to not talk about it.

    When my parents tried to convince me to be part of it, the moment i said: i am not ready and i do not think i want it, their face changed. They just suddenly felt offended by the way i think of the business, saying i am stubborn, not being open minded enough, putting my ego to high because of what i gathered from my studies. I’m like WTF.

    “Founders” of these companies ruin people, they brainwash them to believe in them, anyone that denies them will be hated or even rejected.

    But too bad, companies like these are hard to disappear because many are still not educated about the facts of ponzi scheme businesses. This should be taught in schools, to educate the young. There are many teenagers out there, they are so fresh, so green, so easily drawn to money. That they are willing to be part of these schemes. Eventually dragging down all their friends and families into it.

    Malaysia is too corrupted by money, that’s why these companies stood so long for many years, because money solves everything here right? Not to mention, many who are gullible.

    I do hope the facts you’ve written can reach out to many more and make sure they really take it all in. If not, many will still be in dip shit.

    sorry for the long post, just had to let it out.

    • Thank you for your kind post and validation of our efforts to educate the public on dangerous money schemes like this. Yes, I certainly agree that we need proper financial education for the young so that they don’t grow up with the mentality that money can come easy. It is a very very scary notion and I am glad that there are also many sensible folks like you who are wary and concerned about such schemes eroding the morality and productivity of people.

      • Aldric, when you’re free. You should look up on another hot one in penang. This one is called by many names, MBI International/M-face/MFC Club. Even has a review on it.

  16. In the first place, if this chap is a genuine forex trader, why doesn’t he put a stop loss to all his trading activities? In forex trading, either you lose or you win. I wonder who is that winner in the first place? And to lose RM500 million in a few hours without the traders noticing it and the brokerage firm calling up the traders concerned sound fishy to me. Just toss a coin and guess whether it is head or tail. See how many times you get it right out of ten tries and you know whether this chap is telling the truth. Fools are made not born.

  17. Quote:
    “If no one is working, money is useless.”
    Typical Malaysian economics mentality … failure to understand what money is.

    Btw … J didn’t and couldn’t have done all this by himself … cos he couldn’t have handled the massive memberships … so … there are others involved too

    From experience … they set up cell groups … with leaders in each group to educate and handle members concerns and interests

    If you dare challenge any of the leaders with regards some illogical irregularities … you will be cyber bullied by him and his cronies …

    This is how one aspect of public “dis-education” takes shape … and misinformation thrives

    They have listed phone numbers of supposedly international networks … try calling those numbers and see if the ghosts will return your call …

    This is a highly professional setup …

  18. A good read indeed. IMHO the author has tried his best to his view based on facts. It’s up to the reader to judge.

    Those who are offended, are yet to wake up.

  19. Hi aldric, thank you for writing this article. I posted it thru fx trader group and I know they are start reading your article especially newbie

  20. It is impossible that it is not a scam.
    I don’t understand forex much but logic and common sense tell me that it is impossible that forex player or broker can earn such “high and guarantee profit” (enlighten me if I am wrong).
    This is common sense.
    A common senario in all investment scams. After they are gone, even the “leaders” who supported the Company and made money will claim that they lost money too so that they don’t get blamed from their “downlines and followers”. Later, the same people will start another scam and the leaders will call their friends again and CON-VINCE them with some different reasons.
    Other countries like Singapore, Thailand, China and South Korea all have record of scam operaters being jailed. Why not a single person jailed or charged in Malaysia?
    Why don’t we ever see our newspapers teaching Malaysians how to identify such scams?
    So the only way that we can stop such scams is to share knowledge to all our family members and friends. If more people understand such scams and don’t join them, they will not survive and stop sooner..
    Remember, people are ignorant because those who are knowledgeable don’t share knowledge. If everyone share knowledge, how there be ignorant people?

    Keep up the good work, Aldric!!
    I believe in karma.

  21. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you really know what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my site =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!