JJPTR’s New Plans Announced!

JJPTR new plans

We don’t think JJPTR needs any more introduction as its name has been splashed everywhere in the media for the past week.

Ever since the founder Johnson Lee made claims on 22nd April that the unlicensed ‘investing’ company lost $500 million Ringgit due to unauthorized trading by hackers, the spotlight has been on his whereabouts and his promise to announce a plan to return money to investors who have yet to recoup their initial investments by 1st May 2017.

We first wrote an article a few months ago warning the public about investing with JJPTR. Then 4 months later, all hell broke loose when JJPTR announced the hefty loss of $500 million overnight. We then wrote a second JJPTR article to analyze the incident and encourage victims to step up and dig out the truth for themselves.

If you read the title above, you might have come here hoping to hear what Johnson Lee has to say about his new plans. We are sorry to disappoint, but this is not exactly it.

But we thought it would be an interesting read if we came up with some hypothetical plans that Johnson Lee may unveil on the 1st of May. It would be fun to see if any of our guesses are right or if Johnson Lee manages to come up with some really creative and innovative plan that takes us by surprise.

Disclaimer – Take whatever we write below with a pinch of salt! But if any of the scenarios come true, remember that you read it here first!

Scenario #1 - A Miracle! The Money Has Been Recovered!

Johnson Lee claims that the money has been recovered miraculously by the broker, who says that it is a lapse on their part and will make good on the lost money. A variation could be that there was some kind of insurance policy with the broker and the insuring company is willing to cover part or all of the losses.

By staging a fake crisis and thereafter claiming that the money has been recovered, JJPTR will achieve 2 things.

  • It will make naysayers of JJPTR look stupid as they are deemed to be proven wrong on their negativity of the company.
  • It will strengthen JJPTR’s image and not only gain more faith and trust with its current supporters, it may even attract more investors.

Investors should take the opportunity to probe which brokerage firm JJPTR is using in the first place. Our investigation divulged that JJPTR may have been using JJPROFX as its broker. We don’t think it takes a genius to tell that they are both affiliated. If so, this is a complete conflict of interest because it means that the money is deposited into JJPTR’s own subsidiary. Not only is the investors’ money at JJPTR’s mercy, the trading results can easily be rigged as well.


Scenario #2 - Johnson Lee Takes Out His Own Savings

Johnson Lee says that he will take out his own savings or whatever’s left of the company’s funds to bring the company back on track. Also, as a safety measure, JJPTR will sign up with an offshore broker which has a better security system that is ‘hack-proof’. The only thing is that it will take a longer time for JJPTR to return to its former glory.

Doing this it will make Johnson Lee look responsible and credible to the existing investors and those previously considering joining JJPTR.

Note that he will not only get to keep a substantial chunk of the ill money, Johnson will score lots of sympathy points with his supporters who may pump in even more money into JJPTR and attract even more members to join him.

This time round, JJPTR’s broker (set up by JJPTR itself) may be conveniently set up and based in Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands or some other exotic countries that are beyond the reach of the Malaysian police. The next time something happens again, it is beyond the jurisdiction of the authorities.

Investors should quiz which broker JJPTR will be using and check rigorously to ensure that it is a known broker regulated by a reputable securities commission and that it is not affiliated to JJPTR.

Scenario #3 - Johnson Lee Sets Up A New Company And Offers Shares To Investors

Johnson Lee says that he will be setting up a new company and this time round, he will be offering perpetual shares to everyone who invests. For those who haven’t made back their money yet, they will automatically be shareholders. The business nature of this company? Another JJPTR of course!

This may be the best ploy yet! Now let’s do this step by step.

  • Johnson Lee and his cronies pocket a cool 500 million Ringgit.
  • He takes out a few million which he claims is his own savings to pay back as many investors as possible.
  • Everybody loves him and cries tears of gratitude for his ‘self-sacrifice’.
  • He then says that he will set up a new JJPTR but this time round, everybody can be a shareholder in this company.
  • For those he cannot pay back in full, they get to own some shares automatically.
  • For those people who still believe in him, they get to become shareholders of this company if they invest money.
  • He might even claim that this company will become immensely successful and even get listed one day, making all shareholders super rich just like how Warren Buffett’s company made some janitor into a multi millionaire!

Net result – Johnson and his cronies get to keep almost all the 500 million Ringgit and they get to start another ponzi scheme all over again!

Now we personally believe that this is as good as it can get and we would bet that this is what Johnson Lee will announce (if he hasn’t already run away).

Scenario #4 - Johnson Runs Away

Johnson Lee says that he has to get out of the country for his own safety. Enemies are after him. The police wants to catch him. The government wants to take him down. He maintains his innocence and says that he will be back one day to clear his name. In the meantime he will continue trading overseas and rebuild JJPTR for everyone. Wait for the King’s return.

Picture Johnson Lee and his friends sipping margaritas at lavish swimming pools in 6 star hotels, buying expensive handbags for their girlfriends and donning smart Boss suits for the guys. Sure, he will come back one day …

In Conclusion

So, do you agree with our scenarios? Do you have other interesting scenarios in mind? Share them in the comments section below!


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  1. But I still don’t understand what’s the point of discussing who is the broker when it’s obviously a scam based on the 20% monthly return.

  2. Jjptr are not scam at all, at least they return all member of investor in original credit refund as the member who first joined. Some of other investor company was a real scam, as i know they direct shut down and unnoticed given by all members also the refund are not given. What i wrote in here are the real truth because i also been scam by other investor company a few months ago and this is my 2nd time i saw JJPTR are willing to refund to all members. For others people who have join investor company and try to get more details. (Based on luck)

  3. JL will come clean and says this has been a social experiment from the start – to prove that money game promising 20% monthly return will collapse eventually. The money lost is the “tuition fees” for those investors. He is making a great sacrifice by going to jail for highlighting this social evil.

  4. I smell JELOUSY here writing bad about JJ & trying to promote his own biz! U dun have to bring down other to get more biz, be a manner person n educated person la plz!