Forex mentors are hard to come by. By that, we mean good ones, those honest ones who are really trading and are willing to show their results on their live accounts when requested. We know, because when we first embarked on our Forex trading journeys, we couldn’t find one. Why most trainers refuse to show their trading results, we can only speculate. You would think that since these Forex mentors claim such spectacular results, they would be proud to show off their accounts. For Alpha Play, our mantra is ‘We Trade What We Teach And We Show What We Trade’. We know that we are subjecting ourselves to harsh scrutiny, but we want our students to know that we are Forex mentors of integrity. It is easy to show a few winning trades and give the impression that a trainer and his students are getting spectacular results, but quite a different thing to show the full trading track record.

Ang Kar Yong

A self-taught trader, Kar Yong was once featured in Channel News Asia’s Money Mind Young Investor. He was also featured as a Social Guru on the eToro social trading platform where he led the path for more than a thousand traders in confusing market conditions by sharing his trading strategies through forums and blog posts. Today, he teaches his proprietary 4 Pillar Forex Trading Strategy to students from all over the world.

JT Low

At 19, JT was already a stock investor and Forex trader who not only profited from the financial markets, but also managed to pay off his tertiary education in full by putting his investing skills and knowledge to the test. JT firmly believes that investment education is the best form of post-education that accords one the power to attain financial freedom, something that he wants to empower all his students with.

Steven JP

Having started his trading and investing journey at age 18, Steven, a self-taught trader, has profited from the markets using a variety of different trading styles spanning various equity and FX markets. Constantly improving and acquiring new skills, he has developed a wide knowledge base with experience across several markets. A firm believer in financial literacy, Steven wishes to equip others with knowledge and skills to help them achieve their financial goals.

Lester Koh

Lester began his investing and trading journey in 2008. A self-taught trader, he believes that adaptive systematic trading is the way to consistent profits, and also believes in continuous learning and development. Having currently just graduated from NUS Business School (Finance), Lester now trades independently and spends his time exploring new strategies and business ideas, as well as mentoring new traders on enhancing their trading edge and performance.