Have you ever met trainers who are willing to show you their own trading or investment results? Not many, we will bet. Why, we will not speculate. But we believe that only by being transparent about our results, can we convince you that we genuinely practice what we teach. We want you to be confident in the knowledge that you learn from us and in the process, walk away with powerful money-making strategies that will set you up for life.

We believe in providing good value-for-money to people who believe in us enough to invest in our programs. Albeit they are very reasonably priced, we cannot discount the trust our students put in us. Hence, we make sure that all our Forex courses are choked full of actionable and useful information. Our beginner classes will help you get started confidently in Forex trading while our advanced masterclasses will propel you to the next level.

Our Forex courses are priced way below what other most trainers are charging. While they are charging in the thousands, we ask for something much more reasonable. Now, we are not saying that the ‘expensive’ trainers are not providing value-for-money, but it is a personal conviction of ours that we believe financial education should be priced affordably so that it can be made available to everyone. After all, we also make our money through trading and investing, not just coaching.


Forex Mentor


If you have attended some Forex courses, been trading for more than 6 months and still find yourself struggling to profit, you are most probably trading it the wrong way.

But please don’t think that you are stupid. 90-95% of all Forex traders are in your exact same shoes.

There are many ways to engage and trade the currency market. One of the most commonly adopted methods is technical analysis.

I also use technical analysis in my trading. But it is only one part of my trading methodology. For example, if I spot a powerful pin bar at an established resistance or support zone, it gives me a high probability trade. But I don’t often take the trade before I establish a few more things.

1. Is there a good risk-reward ratio? Am I risking $1 to make $3, or risking $3 to make $1?

2. Are there fundamental reasons supporting my trade? In other words, what is the driving force behind the movement of the currencies I am trading?

If you had studied Economics 101 in school, you might probably still remember that prices of all items move due to supply and demand. With all other factors remaining constant – when supply increases, price decreases; when supply decreases, price increases. Similarly, when demand increases, price increases; and when demand decreases, prices decreases.

This basic concept of supply and demand applies to the currencies market too.

When the demand of a particular currency increases, its price and corresponding value increases; and when the supply of a particular currency increases, its price and corresponding value decreases. The opposite is true.

So imagine that you trade only when technical analysis and fundamentals are in alignment. Doesn’t that increase your win rate greatly?

Throw in a nice risk-reward ratio into the mix, and you get a really good trade potential.

If you want to learn a really profitable and easy way to trade currencies, I suggest that you look at our Forex courses.


Forex Mentor


Years ago when I just graduated from Junior College I decided that I wanted to pay for my own tertiary education. I invested on investment courses. I pored into any books and videos I could find on the topics of stock investment and Forex trading. I spent time monitoring candlestick charts and P&L statements. Majoring in Economics in NTU helped smooth my learning curve a little, although it was certainly not a walk in the park.

After a series of trial and error, repeatedly making money, losing money then making money again, I was gradually able to make more money than I lost. Finally I was able to make enough to pay off my school fees by the time I turned 24.

It gave me a revelation.

I could have gotten a good job with a nice salary with my degree. But I would have been at the mercy of whoever hired me to dictate my financial future. If I had not learnt how to invest in stocks and trade currencies, I would very likely have joined a bank and become a typical white-collared worker.

Nothing wrong with that, except that I would never be able to write my own pay checks and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I can be in control of my own financial destiny.

If you desire financial freedom like me, sign up for one of our programs at Alpha Play and join us on this journey you will never regret embarking upon.