7 Reasons For You To Join AlphaPlay’s ProTrader Programme


If you have been trading the financial markets for some time and find yourself struggling to profit, you might be making some common mistakes in trading. But you are not alone. Many traders are in your exact same shoes. In fact, we have been in your shoes before and understand how challenging and frustrating this can be for you. We are also certain that you wish to fast-track your trading journey so that you can enjoy the rewards of being a profitable trader.

Having coached hundreds of students, we have consolidated the common challenges and struggles they commonly face and through that, structured a most comprehensive trading course designed to promote you from a struggling trader to a consistently profitable one.

We call it the ProTrader Programme. Below, we provide 7 key reasons why you should join this trading course.

Reason #1 – Avoid Getting Caught In Fake-out Situations

How many times have you experienced a breakout in the market only for price to go back where it came from? How about a pin bar candle signifying a reversal that is un-respected and price just keeps charging on? These are what we call fake-out situations and happen quite often. Most traders will just shrug off such losses and consider it part and parcel of trading. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our ProTrader Programme will open your eyes to see market movements from a different perspective. You will obtain an understanding of how and why the market moves and learn how to avoid most of these fake-out situations. Instead of losing money, you can be making money!

Reason #2 – Acquire The Proper Thought Process Towards Taking A Trade And Learn How To Forecast Price Movements With Accuracy

While profiting from the market consistently is not an easy thing to do, but by focusing on the direction and timing of a trade, you can gradually become more profitable over time.

Of these two components, inexperienced traders often focus on timing first then the direction. Let us elaborate what we mean by sharing with you what commonly goes on in these traders’ heads.

  • Price is trading around support, it’s TIME to buy now; or price is trading around resistance, it’s TIME to sell.
  • Price is trading below the MA, and we have a cross in MA; it’s TIME to go short.
  • There is a bullish engulfing pattern or a bullish pin bar, it’s TIME to go long.

On the other hand, experienced traders do the opposite. They first determine the next probable direction that the price is going, then decide on where and when to get in and out of the market. This is what goes on in their heads.

  • Price is showing signs of exhaustion as it is moving higher.
  • The probable direction is down.
  • There are various confluences showing us that price has a very high probability of reversing from this area.
  • I have a clear idea of where my entries and exits should be.
  • It is time to take a short trade now.

In our ProTrader Programme, you will learn how to forecast future directions of the currencies with a high level of accuracy and acquire the proper thought process towards taking trades. Mastery of the above will certainly increase your win rate and boost your profitability.

USDJPY analysis and trade taken by one of our students within the same week of the programme

GBPUSD analysis and trade taken by one of our students within the same week of the programme

Reason #3 – Learn How To Let Your Winners Run

George Soros puts it best – “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” In other words, we want to minimize our losses and maximize our wins.

In our ProTrader Programme, we will teach you the very important concepts of gearing and scaling in on winning trades. Essentially, you will learn how you can leverage on them to further extend your profits significantly.

Reason #4 – Learn How To Analyze The Market On A Macro Level And Recognize Which Catalysts Can Move The Market

If you come from a technical trading background, you will most likely be unfamiliar with studying the market from a macro level. Yet, this cannot be ignored because macro components like economic data, central bank decisions and global events are actually responsible for moving the market. Knowing and understanding how these macro components impact the market is essential to your trading success.

Our ProTrader Programme will empower you with the above knowledge. With it, you will learn how to recognize catalysts that can potentially move the market and position your trades to either take advantage of such catalysts, or protect yourself from unnecessary losses.

Reason #5 – Learn How To Read The Flow Of Large Funds

If you trade alongside the big funds, chances are you will make money as they will help move the market for you. Thus, having an insight into the flow of large funds will help you gauge if a predominant trend is being supported by the big boys and has legs to keep running, or if a recent move in the market will be short-lived.

Our Pro Trader Programme will help you gain an edge by learning how to investigate where large funds are positioning themselves in the market, and trade alongside them confidently.

COT EURO Futures
COT CAD Futures

Reason #6 – Applicable To Other Financial Instruments

While the ProTrader Programme focuses on currencies, the skills and knowledge covered in the programme are applicable to all other financial instruments – such as commodities, equities and indices.

Reason #7 – Two Mentors For The Price of One

As a mentee under the ProTrader Programme, you will have access to not just one, but two mentors in Alpha Play – Kar Yong and Lester. They are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable in trading, but also very passionate in imparting what they know to accelerate their students’ growth to becoming profitable traders.

Upon graduating from this programme, you will be added into the ProTrader’s Inner Support Circle where you can continue to seek guidance from Kar Yong and Lester.

In Conclusion

We hope you are excited after reading the above. If you have been struggling in trading and desire to finally become profitable, consider joining us in our upcoming intake of the ProTrader Programme. Since our inception, Alpha Play has received tons of rave reviews from our students for our dedication towards them and the quality content we deliver. More importantly, many of them became profitable after attending our courses.

For a limited period of time only, we are offering the ProTrader Programme at the introductory special price of S$697. It will not stay at this price for long as we are likely to revise our course fees in the near future. If you are serious about bringing your trading to the next level, we suggest that you hesitate no longer and enroll yourself in this programme right away!


The most comprehensive trading course designed to promote you from a struggling trader to a consistently profitable one.

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A self-taught trader, Kar Yong was once featured in Channel News Asia’s Money Mind Young Investor. He was also featured as a Social Guru on the eToro social trading platform where he led the path for more than a thousand traders in confusing market conditions by sharing his trading strategies through forums and blog posts. Today, he teaches his proprietary 4 Pillar Forex Trading Strategy to students from all over the world.