The most comprehensive trading course designed to promote you from a struggling trader to a consistently profitable trader. The “One” Course that will help you to consistently profit from the market in only 4 weeks.

Date: 28th & 31st Oct (Live Trading Session)

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Don’t start trading or go to any expensive Forex courses without learning your ABCs. Our ‘Forex Trading For Beginners‘ Workshop is an informative 1 day boot camp designed to give you a rock solid foundation on Forex trading so that you can begin with confidence.

– 29th Oct 2017
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Combining the best minds and features of forex trading – technical analysis, market fundamentals, semi-automation & social trading, we are proud to present the GetSmartProfits® system. This revolutionary trading methodology is designed with FAST, EASY and SAFE in mind, allowing a complete beginner to profit in just 2 days.

Alpha Play FX Trading School is the Official Licensee & Coach of the GetSmartProfits® System.

Date – 30th Aug 2017
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